The beginning

There truly is a time and place for everything and I ‘ve been mulling over this time and this place for some time.

You see, I’m not new to blogging – I had one for almost six years, but it was me…and not me…at the same time. It was me in that it was my experiences, my words, but it wasn’t me because I was using an alias, which sounds ridiculously cool, but isn’t really.

Only hinting at who you are and what you are doing is only partially gratifying from a blogging perspective. It’s not like I was hiding my identify to protect the innocent; it was to cover my ass. Which, of course, is not a bad thing to do, but I’m in HR, not the secret service.

So I found myself in the position where I just couldn’t move forward. I was bored with my own posts, so I made the decision to pull the plug on it. But now I want to start again, but in a new direction.

The blog name – Accidental HR– says it all. It’s not where I intended to be, but it’s where I find myself today.

So who am I and why I am important enough to blog about?

Well, to answer the second part first – I’m not. I’m not important enough to blog about, but since when is blogging and the internet in general, about what is important.

Now as for who am I – good question.

That’s what I’m hoping my blogging will uncover.


2 thoughts on “The beginning

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