You Are Now Exiting the Comfort Zone

As I mentioned I had another blog and I liked it, and others liked it, and I got into a comfort zone with it. I would talk in generalities about my work, echo HR views that I agreed with or spoke up against those that I didn’t. Life was simple.

However, life may be simple in the comfort zone, but it can be boring and it can be draining. We all need renewable energy sources in our life: friends, family, interests, and challenges. And for me, it was the interests and challenge part that I was lacking.

You see, I’m inherently lazy and would gladly spend an entire day reading, watching movies, or plowing through the seasons of X-Files. I am happy sitting and planning projects for the home or dreaming about trips. Not so good on the doing side of things though. Even at work, I am focused on the short-term. I’m goal-oriented and like to check things off my list. I have a hard time developing meaningful long-term objectives. I realize that it’s part of who I am to be “in my head” and that won’t change, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t try to stretch out. Hey, that’s why I go to yoga.

So when I recently came across the Geek Girl Dinners group in my area, I thought “huh?” I don’t work in IT, I’m not particularly tech savvy but I do dabble and most importantly – I’m interested in it. So I decided to attend the latest dinner.

The thought of doing this was out of my comfort zone (networking and non-HR), and I almost bailed at the last minute. But I didn’t and I had a really good time. That is once I stopped being so “defensive” about it, as one participant called me out on.

You see, every time someone asked where I worked or what I did – I hemmed a bit then blurted out, “actually I’m in HR…but I am interested in IT”. Most were gracious with this, but one person spoke up and said, “you don’t have to be so angry about it”. And I realized she was right – I didn’t need to apologize for being HR or being non-IT. They were good with me being there.

And why the hell wouldn’t they be – they were very open to hearing my perspective on the topic (hacking as a mindset…more on that in next post), IT, and HR…just as I was interested to hear them talk about their work.

So by the end of the evening, when someone asked me what kind of geek I was – I quickly answered “an HR-geek”. And the person nodded and said “cool”.

And it was cool. Very cool.


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