Golden opportunity


Every morning while I drive into work I listen to the radio. I am fortunate to have a good station that actually plays music and minimizes the bantering. Oh and they do the news too.

Part of the news includes a run down of the financial markets and how they are behaving. While I won’t even profess to be proficient in finance and the markets, I do have an understanding that economies are easily influenced by external factors…some obvious and some not so obvious (like the moon?!).

So, it got me to thinking that it would be freakin great if we could have a similar market analysis and report every morning on the status of our employees and managers.

Here’s a sample:

At opening today, Janet is looking stable – no sign of the erratic behaviour demonstrated at yesterday’s meeting; however, today’s announcement about impending performance reviews being due may have a negative influence.

Hal is down today. His hockey team lost night and now he has to shovel his neighbour’s driveway for a week. We can expect performance to be sluggish today as he recovers.

Susan is showing signs of improvement. This may be the result of the training she took last week or the fact that that Jay from accounting finally asked her out. Those working around her issued a big sigh of relief.

Honestly…if I could have THAT scroll across the bottom of my monitor that would be awesome. I could be on top of the moods, quirks, downturns, and upturns of the various departments in our organization.

The value of this kind of information would be like gold (now trading at $1,645.00/oz)


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