Stepping Stones


These rocks are from one of my favourite places in the world. I’ve only been to this exact spot once, but I just know that it’s always going to be on my Top 10.

The entire beach surrounding the cottage we rented was made up of these rocks, and although it may appear to be uninviting and not as glamorous as white sand – it was perfect.

The absolute variety of shapes and sizes of the rocks was incredibly. So much so that at times it was easy to forget there was a huge ocean in front of me, because I was so fixated on the rocks – looking for that perfect one.

I was often being called back to reality by my family – as they were fascinated by the crashing waves.

And that’s my default, seeing the rocks when there’s an ocean around. You know…trees for the forest.

Of course this doesn’t always bode well in a world of strategic planning, big pictures, and clouds…and that’s something that I’m learning to accept and work with.

Some of us are better suited to seeing the ocean, while some of us prefer to look at the stones. My consolation is that I’m less likely to stumble.

BTW – I won’t lie. Many of these stones hitched a ride home with us and now reside in my garden. I am completely unapologetic about this . (Should anyone be tempted to lecture me on altering the world’s ecosystem…Don’t worry, they are being well cared for.)


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