Wastoids of my time (redux)

On the theme of leftovers, I’m re-heating an old rant of mine (so if this looks familiar, you may have read it before…but I assure you it was mine). I am also adding a bit of “new” to it, so it doesn’t taste exactly the same…

Generally speaking, recruiting hasn’t been my favourite aspect of HR, but I still try to do a good job at it. And every once in a while, I start to get into a groove and I really don’t mind it.

Then something like this arrives in my email box.

(from actual cover letter, which was wittily called “Not a cover letter”)

I’m not really a cover letter kind of guy, I’ve read many in my day and to my experience, they’re usually quite narcissistic. My resume speaks for itself. If you find by my skills and experience that I’d be a fit for your company, I’d be more than happy to tell you how wonderful I am over the phone or in person.


Now some people might think – hey this is different, it will make him stand out, and it will probably get him an interview since they will just want to meet the guy.

Sure. If I had nothing else to do in my day than to meet people for the sake of it.

Quite honestly this was stupid. Yes it got my attention. Hell, I’m even blogging about it, but I am certainly not calling him.

Why? Because this person wasn’t applying for some hip, creative, “out-of-the-box” position. He applied to a technical job that we need to fill; a job that we need to fill with someone who meets the professional requirement

My analysis: He sent me a cover letter (that isn’t a cover letter)that reads like his dad told him to apply for the job, but he didn’t really want to and is hoping like hell that his piss poor attempt at an application with be rejected.

Mission accomplished.

Since the original posting, I’ve added a few other tidbits:

– If the job posting says “please, no phone calls…” – we aren’t being coy, we mean it

– If you do call me up and ask me for information that is clearly identified in the job posting – this is not a good way of demonstrating your ability to read and understand instructions (and this is why I completely agree with TomTomHRGuy‘s post Hating the Phone)

– Channeling your inner-Zoolander in your CV…I know it gets boring using the same words over and over, but making them up…really?

– Applying to every single job posted may seem like it’s showing your interest in working with us, but it also shows that you are not taking the time to figure out what you want or whether you can do it.

– And while you are at it, send in five applications to the same job – if one shows you’re interested, five must show you are REALLY interested…yeah, “serial applicants” need not apply

These are the wastoids of my time.

So what are things that drive you batty?


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