Going Old School


These are my shoes. I got them when I was sixteen, which makes them 25 freakin’ years old. All things considered they are in good shape. They even have the original pen marks in the rubber (most likely from grade 10 math class).

I love these shoes. I can’t bear to part with them, but I will be honest – I don’t wear them anymore. Why? Because I am not sixteen anymore. And while the shoes are still very functional – it’s just not working for me.

Kind of like the résumé / CV

Oh I know the death of the résumé has been predicted many times before, and it’s not likely going to vanish completely. I get this.

It’s like paper books. I’m a book-lover, but I’m starting to embrace the flexibility and convenience of my e-reader too.

It’s time to move on – surely a system that was in place back when we used a typewriter to put it together and actually physically mailed them in is due for re-vamping.

I mean, consider the sheer amount of debate and opinions that are out there about how long it should be, what should be included, which format to be used, photo or not, funky fonts or not. Even how long does an HR person/recruiter actually look at it.

Candidates are frustrated because they get conflicting information, HR folk/recruiters are cranky because they have a crap-load of online or paper résumés to go through (assuming you are like me and not fortunate enough to have an ATS, student, or monkeyt to do this for you).

I’m slowly becoming Team LinkedIn. It’s your CV, only better (for me).
You don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Get one. Now.
You have a profile but haven’t updated since two jobs ago? Update it. Now.

My goal in the upcoming year is to improve our system so that we can adapt to this evolution.

Old school is good when you are referring to my awesome shoes. Not so much when you are talking about a recruiting system.


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