Buyer Beware

A lot of blogs out there aim to provide you with good advice. There is no shortage of tips on how to choose your career, your mate, or your clothing. I am not even going to attempt to go down that road.

I am not an expert in anything and I am completely comfortable in admitting this. In fact, let me say it again, this time in italics:

I am not an expert.

And still, people continue to read my blog, thus answering the age-old question: if a blogger is not an expert, does their blog actually matter.

I know that I am good at quite a few things:
– Cooking
– Reading (books and people)
– My job
– Writing captivating blog posts

I am even really good at a few others:
– Sarcasm
– Diplomacy (I know. Sarcastic and diplomatic…it’s an art)
– Recognizing and practicing common sense

But at no point have I considered myself a subject matter expert in any of these areas. Oh sure, I love to give advice, but it’s usually with the caveat that it’s based on my opinions and experience.

Otherwise I could spout stuff like this:

Employee engagement is a conspiracy created and perpetuated by consultants who stand to benefit from organizations who buy the deluxe package (audit, survey, analysis, plan-of-action, lunch-and-learn launch sessions, recommended management training, recommended ongoing coaching, follow-up survey…and lather, wash and repeat).

These consultants are in collusion with the universities and colleges which offer HR programs – these consultants partially fund the programs with the understanding that the professors will preach the word of the almighty Employee Engagement…the holy grail of HR.

Did you know that Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) also reap the benefits of ongoing Employee Engagement initiatives…I mean, when you are disengaged, who are you going to call.(Two points if you automatically said “GhostBusters” )

And you KNOW what?

Someone out there is going to believe that load of crap.

And this is where I think people are missing a huge point. We are assuming that just because someone has done a job for ten years or speaks/ write intelligently, that they are experts.

When Google and wikipedia are taken as gospel, WebMD replaces true medical advice, and the hundreds and hundreds of HR/Social Media/Business bloggers are unquestioningly seen as experts…well then, I’m a little worried.


2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware

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