Waiting for the snow to melt


I am not a fad kind of person (says the blogger who will then tweet this).

Let me clarify this, I’m not a fad person when it comes to foods / diet/ clothing / fitness. I am always interested, I take a look, sometimes I dabble, but rarely have I every dove in 100% and said, yes…I am fully embracing this Spring’s resurgence of the 90s look.

And yes once, post-one-of-my-pregnancies, I tried the Atkins Diet. It lasted about 6 hours. I’m just not made to be so extreme.

Maybe that’s why I’m an HR Generalist.

So, I find it interesting that I’m really, I mean really, into paleo eating. Of course, I’m not a 100% “cave-woman”…a gal has to have her luxuries, but for the most part it’s been a great experience. Perhaps it’s because my decision to start and stay with it was because of how I was physically feeling rather than based on a number (weight or dress size). I actually didn’t care whether I lost any weight.

This interest has revitalized my love of cooking and trying new dishes. And there are so many great blogs out there – I completely understand and appreciate food porn, like here. There is something so gratifying and exciting about planning a new dish.

So why am I writing about this?

Because it’s not really about HR and this is supposed to be an HR blog, right?

Well, sort of. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m no “HR Expert”, I just play the role of one 5 days/week. The rest of the time, I’m me. Someone who is slowly waking from my “winter hibernation” to rediscover my non-HR interests (cooking, art, digging ditches).

Sadly, I’ve been neglecting them.

And really, Spring seems like the perfect time to uncover the potential growth hiding under the snow.


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