Working in the Big Time

It’s taken me awhile to recognize and accept that I’m not a blue-sky kind of person. Of sure, I can tell you with a great deal of accuracy what the current colour of the sky is, but ask me what colour I think it might be next month or even next year…well, I’m not so certain.

Some might see me as short-sighted, but I know this isn’t true – I’m just focused. On the here and now. I believe the correct performance evaluation terms is “results-oriented”.

If you talk to me about your idea – I’m the person who can help you come up with a plan, a timeline, and get it done. I’m creative, I work on a problem forever, but if you were to put me in a box and say, now generate big ideas…I’m going to struggle.

This is the same outside of work. I kickass at handling our household budget and finances. But I’m a bit of an ostrich when it comes to financial planning (thank god for financial planners).

My husband has often suggested (usually after a crappy day) that I start my own business/consultancy and although there are some appealing aspects, this has never really tempted me. I thought it might be an aversion to risk, but I’ve taken some leaps of late. I’ve realized that my ability to focus on getting things done is just not compatible with running your own business. There would be no real vision, no firm future plans – I would need to pair up with an idea person. (Email me if you are interested…)

As lead on recruiting, I’m generating job postings and screening candidates based on managers’ needs and desires for their next employees. And managers are asking for big picture thinkers for pretty much every level of position. In theory this sounds like a good idea, but sometimes you need to hire the person who is going to actually get the job done and not just think about getting it done or the ten other ways that this job could be done.

The world is a big place and it seems like we have access or knowledge about so much more of it. The spin-off is that there is a focus on “big”. Big data, big thinkers, big pictures.

What about the details, what about the logistics, what about getting it done?

Think about this – if everyone worked “outside the box”, who will be left inside to support it?


2 thoughts on “Working in the Big Time

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ve always liked that video – it had me thinking “WTF” back when it was “what the f#ck” and not an acronym.

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