So you want to be an administrative assistant?

Okay, here is today’s recruiting beef:

Unlike being a One-Hit-Wonder/ Top 40 singer, not everyone can be an Administrative Assistant.

Just because you know how to use Word, answered a phone, and can make copies without jamming the machine – you are not automatically qualified for this job.

In fact, if you have innocently equated a receptionist with an administrative assistant, I would argue you have absolutely no idea of the value and worth of this job.

A good admin assistant will make it look easy. They will organize and coordinate the hell out of things so that even you look good.

So people, stop insulting me by assuming that since you are in between professional jobs that you can swing it as an admin assistant – I don’t want your résumés. You are wasting both of our time since you are missing vital qualifications – the “istant” part…the “ass” part, you seem to have covered.


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