Simple solutions

Today was the first day that I got out to work in my gardens. I didn’t do much other than pull a few things, push a few others, and create a mental to-do list for the upcoming months.

Some of my best thinking comes when I’m crouched down with my knees begging for mercy and my fingers stinging because I forgot to wear gloves. Again.

Apparently pain is a good motivator. Yeah, just call me 50 Shades of Green…

When I’m gardening I’m envisioning what I would like the gardens to look like and I repeatedly draw on a particular garden as inspiration. A few years back I visited a colleague’s home to see his wife’s gardens. They were beautiful in an understated way; meticulously kept, but not overly formal.

I remember another guest asking the gardener-wife how she kept her beds weed free. The gardener-wife looked a bit confused by the question. The guest tried again – what’s your secret weapon for keeping weeds away?. The gardener-wife now understood and easily answered “When I see one, I pull it out”.

Now I know that the guest was hoping for some trade secret, quick-fix solution for weeds, but the gardener didn’t have one. She dealt with the problem in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Huh? Go figure.


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