Community blogging

Some days I really wonder why I blog. And on other days I’m questioned why I blog.

I’m obviously not doing it for fame, to get a job, or to make money.

And then I watched this TED Talk with Rodney Mullen’s about Skateboarding, Hacking and Open Source. He was talking about how context shapes content and while I’m probably taking things grossly out-of-context (pun intended), I believe his closing remarks (starting at the 17:00 minute mark) sum up my feelings.

I created this blog for the sake of creating. I wanted to put it together and put it out there. To be part of a community of bloggers and share. To take ideas that others have and build on them and hopefully inspire others to take my ideas and further build on them.

Do I like when my blog posts get recognized and shared with others? Damn straight I do and there are some really great people out there who have done this for me and others. People like Michael Carty, Christopher Demers, Steve Brownehighlight our work and promote it.

And you may have noticed that when they compile our blog posts it is generally around a common theme: employee engagement, social media, big data, jedi mind tricks. It’s no coincidence that we all wrote about the same subject one month. One blogger puts out a post that resonates and this inspires someone to share their ideas and thoughts on it. And this in turn inspires another.

So when it appears that maybe HR bloggers are all stuck listening to the same broken record – consider the fact that maybe it’s not stuck, maybe it’s developing and building and creating a better song. Sharing.

So back to my original question. Why do I blog about HR?

To be a part of the online HR community – to absorb, to learn, and to contribute. I believe that when you lose sight of why you are really part of this community, well you actually cease to be a part of it.


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