Why you should never write a post when hungry

Interesting fact: I have noticed that those posts that I just whip off and are completely irreverent (to me) are those that people seem to respond to more. It’s true. I will get an idea, start typing and then hit publish.

Sometimes I even remember to proofread before I hit publish. Sometimes.

I do have a few posts in draft mode, but they aren’t going anywhere fast – one is on youth and why people are acting like it’s a new concept. This post has stalled out and will have to wait. I think it’s because I’m to write outside of my voice.

Does that make sense?

What I mean is that for those posts that seem to just flow – it’s because that’s how I would say it if I were talking to you.

So yes, it’s my “real” voice. The unnecessary stops, the over use of certain words (cool, awesome, seriously), and the occasional curse words…they aren’t there to impress you, dear reader; that’s just how I speak.

Now, there are exceptions – like the use of the word “irreverent” in the first sentence. I would never say that out loud, but mainly because I can’t pronounce it properly. Same with “ethereal”.

Another interesting fact: I will not order pasta at a restaurant.

It’s true. I do not dine out very often – sometimes for lunch, but hardly ever for supper.


I like food & cooking and I’m frequently disappointed with what I get
I am completely put off by the size of the portions they serve
I have a very hard time justifying the cost of what I’m paying vs what I’m getting

And it’s because of that last point that I will not order pasta. (Well, aside from the fact that I’m no longer eating grains, but let’s go back awhile…) Think about it – how much does it cost you and how freaking easy it is to make pasta at home?! A little effort in getting the ingredients, taking the time and prepping, and cooking and you’ve got it. And it’s not a bucket size portion that’s destined to make me feel like I’m Violet Beauregarde.

Pasta aside, I find it hard to not feel like I’m being taken in by the prices.

But that’s easy for me to say, isn’t it?

What about a situation where I walk in and sit down at a table to order a dish I would not likely make at home, like say, herb marinated grilled lamb loin (for example). If I’ve chosen my venue well, the food ingredients should be fresh, local and of quality. The staff should know what they are doing and are going to make a quality meal – cooked and seasoned properly, served at the right temperature and at the right time. If I ask them, they are going to make recommendations. If I tell them about concerns I have regarding ingredients, they are going to help me steer clear. They are going to follow-up with me and do what they can to offer me more. And then they are going to bring me the bill.


Any jackass can do it, right? I mean, how hard is it to post a job ad, look at a bunch of CVs, bring in a couple of candidates – ask them brilliant questions like “what are your strengths? … what are your weaknesses?…) and then offer them the job. Boom. Done. Next position please.

Sure, you can save time and money by doing it yourself. Of course you can – if you are hiring pasta.

But if you are thinking of going for the grilled lamb loin, may I suggest that you ask someone a little more familiar with the source of ingredients, the preparation needed, and the proper cooking techniques to make it worth your while.



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