Stay calm and blog about it

Hello there.  It’s been a while.

What’s new?  What have you been up to?


Awhile back it would have really started to freak  me out if I hadn’t blogged in a set amount of time.  I would worry that I was going to lose momentum.  I would also worry about what others may think.  Would they give up on me, get bored with the fact that I didn’t have a new update?

I won’t go as far as saying that I don’t think about these things, but I don’t let them get to me too much.

However, someone has decided to test me on this because it has been a week of people questioning me and testing my resolve.

This past weekend, at a session filled with smart, professional women, I  had someone question my sanity because of the length of my commute to work (one hour), by stating that I was losing two hours a day…just to get to and from work.  That I was losing two hours of MY time that could be better spent doing physical activity.  And as another person chimed in…it was two hours that I wasn’t seeing my kids.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious.  Thank you for reminding me that I am wasting my life.  Thank you for implying that I am slowing rotting my body.  Thank you for pointing out that my kids are likely going to require extensive therapy.

All because of my decision to go to work.

In the past this would have made my head spin and have me feeling like a bit of an idiot.  But we are in the present, so I got up and walked away.  Oh, and then decided to blog about it.

And to further question my character, I was chatting with another parent this evening and mentioned I had to go to a meeting…well actually not a meeting, but rather a book club.  The parent sighed deeply and said that they used to read books before he had kids and hoped that some day he would be able to have the luxury to do so [Side note -his kids are roughly the same age as mine, both teenagers], but really, how can he when there isn’t enough time to get everything done as it is.  He can’t imagine sitting around just reading.

So….apparently parents who read for pleasure are selfish people.

I almost asked him if he realized that he had said that out loud.  To my face.

Again, this comment would have really made me sensitive to whether or not I was making the right choices.  But today, the only thing I’m deciding is what I’m going to read next.  Oh.  And blog about it.

So, to borrow and bastardize a motto that’s been everywhere these days.  My new philosophy can be summed up as “Stay Calm and Blog About It”.


3 thoughts on “Stay calm and blog about it

  1. Hi Julie, Another iteration of that saying could probably be “Stay calm and ignore everyone else.” That is my motto…I still struggle to stick with it because there are always people telling you what to do but it gets easier. Nice post!

    • First if – sorry for the delay and second – thank you.

      It’s hard to remember in the moment, but you are right…sometimes we need to ignore what we “think” others might say.

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