Hit by a bus?!

Okay, just to clear the air…I have not been hit by a bus.

Okay, that said…let’s move on.

Very soon I will get back on track with HR-related posts.  I will talk about succession planning, about how every day people can do good HR, and well, all sorts of goodies.  Until that time, the closest this post is to being HR-related is the fact that I wrote it…and I work in HR.

Today we are going to chat about catch-phrases that bug me and worse, the associated actions.

First catch-phrase.  “Best in class”.  I have nothing else to say other than do you remember what used to happen to the “best in class” growing up?  The teacher would hold them up as a beacon of inspiration to the rest of the class and the result was that everyone resented that person.  Actually, back in the day, resented would have been the nicest thing that would have happened….but fortunately we have matured to passive aggressive adults who smile and nod at the idea, but mock it behind senior management’s back.

Next up…”let’s pretend so-and-so got hit by a bus…”  This little gem usually comes out when we are talking about training or even succession planning. Seriously people…what is wrong with you…”hit by a bus’?!  I generally counter with “why can’t we pretend they won the lottery” and some wise-ass will say, “Because, if they won the lottery, would could still contact them and ask questions.”  To this I say… “If I win the lottery…good f-in luck getting in contact with me”. No lie.

So, here’s the scoop.  I’m on vacation.   It’s not a stay-cation…I’m gone, I’m with my family and enjoying all sorts of fun things.  Or at least I’m trying to.

Before I left I was pretty clear that I would not be checking my emails.  This is reasonable since my role does not require me to be in contact outside of work…but I like my job and I like to do a good job, so I do sometimes check.  And answer. And work.

Except when I’m on vacation.

The problem is that I have a good enough relationship with my colleagues that some of us exchange texts on our personal phone.  This is the beauty of always being connected.  We can develop and maintain relationships that transcend the boundaries of work and personal.

Except when I’m on vacation.

So when I get a personal text asking me work-related stuff, I get it, but at the same time I don’t.  I answered the text but then indicated I would be offline.  I felt really bad saying that because I don’t want to be a shit.  I want to be a team-player.  But most of all, I want to be on vacation and not thinking about work.

So, let’s pretend that I’ve won the lottery…and don’t be insulted when you get my answering machine.


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