Girl Power: Can I get a hell yeah….

Okay,  here’s the dealio…I’m a sucker for homework, so I’ve signed myself up for yet another course.  This one deals with the Management of Leadership within the Organization.  It’s not what I thought it would be. At all.

That being said, there have been some interesting topics and moments.  Right now, I’m doing a unit on Women in Leadership.  The information is so cliché that it hurts my ovaries.  I know that the course is for both men and women, so maybe for the guys it might be enlightening that women need to amp up the assertiveness (“sometimes they have to be a bitch”), but for most women…this is same ole same ole.

So, bitchiness…I mean assertiveness aside, I have to do an assignment that includes interviewing a few women who are in a leadership position.  Nowhere in the assignment guide did it say that the interviews had to be done in person or that I had to know these women personally.  So I would like to reach out and conduct my interviews online and with women that I don’t know personally.

Refer to the following checklist and let me know if you qualify and are interested:

1. Must be female.

2. Must be in some type of supervisory/managerial/ or leadership position

3. Must occupy a position in a corporation, education, health services, government, the arts, the professions, or be an entrepreneur. If, she is an entrepreneur she must have people who work for her.

What I’m going to ask you about are things like:

• Your career path and how you got to where you are today

• What you do in you leadership position

• How you handle some of the challenges that are faced by women leaders

So far in my course I have a 98%.  Do you want to know what happened to the 2%…it’s really pathetic.

I was given clear instructions on the required content of each of my assignments.  I was also told they my assignment is to be not more than 5 pages double spaced using Time Roman 12 point font.

On my last assignment, despite doing a good job at covering all the required topics – I lost 2 points because apparently my font changed from Time Roman 12 points to something else mid-way through the essay.  Now, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t anything drastic like Comic Sans serif…I’m thinking it was so minimal that I didn’t freaking notice it, but then I was busy re-reading content and proofreading for spelling and grammar.  So I’m really pissed off that my 100% average has been blown by a stupid font.

My plan is to get 102% on my next assignment.

Who’s up for helping me.

Please either respond in the comment section or send me a tweet at @jawaddell.  Please fee free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested.  Deadline for responses: Wednesday, August 14th.




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