Girl Power (Update)

I wanted to close the loop on my early Girl Power post and to take this opportunity to thank those that assisted me.

The course I was taking was not a very in-depth, thought-provoking course.  The assignments were not exactly challenging, but I hate the idea of wasting my time, so when I saw that I was to interview women in leadership roles, I thought…I’m going to run with this.

The result is that I received a number of responses via Twitter and this post and connected with a few of them.  They graciously took the time to answer my questions, but to me the biggest take-away was how quickly people stepped up to help me.  People who don’t know me outside my witty Twitter posts and my jazzy avatar.

My results came in and my assignment was a success.  I am very pleased with this.

However, connecting with and learning more about Gemma (@HR_Gem) and Sinead (@SineadCarville) was the real reward.

Thank you ladies.





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