When I grow up

I am feeling inspired for this post, which is another way of saying I’m lacking an original idea and planning to piggyback off other bloggers’ posts.

Sarah at Whipper Snapper HR just blogged a great post on that life-long question “what do I want to be”.  Although it’s usually a question reserved for kids and teens as they make their way to the starting line of adulthood, I don’t believe it ever goes away.

Actually, it shouldn’t.  You should always be asking yourself that question and checking whether you are still headed in the right direction, but with less of a focus on fitting into a label.

The thing is, as Sarah points out, there is a big difference between “what do you want to be?” and “what do you want to work as?”. And yet, as kids/teens, we see it as the same thing.  Well truthfully, so do many adults…but that’s another story.

Growing up my mom had one of those School Years Memory books that you wrote about your life, your interests, your friends, and yes, what you wanted to be when you grew up for each year.

Here is what I had put over the years:

  • Ballerina
  • Cashier
  • Teacher (this showed up multiple years)
  • Chef/Cook
  • Artist
  • Police officer
  • Doctor
  • A vet

I have often wondered where I might be today if I had followed my passion for working the cash register.  To make me feel better though, my younger brother wanted to be a garbage collector.  Yes, even at a young age we were showing signs of being high potential over-achievers.

Interestingly enough, you may notice that HR wasn’t on the list.  And do you know why?

Because NO ONE grows up wanting to be in HR.

No one.

Don’t believe me, then watch this.

And yet, here I am – in HR.   As are many of us.

The reason for this is because HR is not what I want to be, but it is what I want to work as.  I’ve posted about this already.

And now that I’ve got the what I’m working at part covered – I can really focus on who I want to be and go back to The Beginning to figure out what the heck I’m doing here, which if you read ChristopherinHR and his blog recommendations (and you really should read his blog) he will tell you it’s to make you smile.

And I’m very okay with wanting to be someone who makes other people smile.




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