’tis the season for drinking games

I’m getting a jump on the end of the year lists. There is little value, but hopefully a bit of entertainment in the one I’ve put together:

My 2013 unofficial list of most over-used words (mainly in HR)

Work-Life Balance
Gen X / Gen Y

These are in no particular order and I’m not planning to elaborate. At least not right now.

I have quietly and discretely started a drinking game whereby you have to drink a cup of coffee every time you read one of the above words on Twitter or in a blog. The result is that I have such a massive amount of caffeine in my system that I haven’t slept in 2 weeks.

I’m thinking of switching over to shots. At least that way, I can blame my eye-rolling and belligerent responses on the alcohol.

I’m not against the principles and concept of these ideas – I’m just annoyed with the over-use, over-application, and over-labelling of these terms. And in case someone is keen enough to want to review my own blog and Twitter stream…yes, I know – guilty as charged.

The difference is that I’m using them in an ironic sense.

I’m #hipster like that.


2 thoughts on “’tis the season for drinking games

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    • Thank you for having my back and sharing my words.

      But I ain’t no hipster. Which if I understand correctly means that I actually might be one…since they don’t admit to being anything.


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