Removing the mask. One drink at a time.

Now generally speaking nothing good comes from a night out drinking with colleagues – there are just too many pitfalls, missteps, and smart phone cameras out there to navigate through. Especially for the (ahem) inexperienced drinker like me.

Okay, maybe it’s not that I’m inexperienced, but more out of practice. My evening meal glass of wine suits me just fine, so when I make it an evening of…well let’s just say it was more than one glass and leave it at that…and I reconnected with another side of myself. Apparently the cool side of me.

Yes, that’s right – forget all those stupid team-building activities that involve straws (unless you are drinking from them) or trust games (unless it’s holding your purse while you go to the washroom).

Forgot those, I’m telling you the surest way to bond with a team member is to go drinking and dancing with them.

My colleague and I get along, but the running joke in the office was that I’m a bit of a nerd and have issues with human contact. I think I’ve pretty much dispelled that bad boy and the funny thing is that I was just being myself.

It’s true. My colleague let me know that she thought I was pretty cool when I drink. I corrected her by saying that I’m pretty cool anytime I’m not at work, whether alcohol is involved or not.

Unfortunately the first time she has really interacted with me outside the office gave her the impression that I only let loose when I drink. I would like to turn that around and say that it’s probably more accurate to say that I’m only straight and narrow when I’m at work. Which leads me to the realization that apparently I have been wearing quite the HR armour around the office.

So it was with great interest that I was reading the latest post at Fistful of Talent, where it’s recommended that HR be “real”:

Help us be real by letting our guard down every now and then, too. People want to work with others who they can share a laugh, an adult beverage or tough personal situation with and not fear judgment.

I’m not about to start swinging around the office and organizing pub crawls, but clearly people aren’t getting the big picture of who I can be when I relax and remove the filters.

So, I’m not making any kind of “resolution” here – I’m not a big fan of it. In fact, I’ve added that word to the Workplace Drinking Game...which should help be big time in being more authentic and engaged (two shots!).



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