Life: So you think you know what you want…

January, more than Spring time, is a time to clean and organize. Maybe it’s the whole start of a New Year or maybe it’s a way to avoid the frigid temperatures, but a good closet purge and inventory check is good for the soul.

And so it is that I do the same for me. I came across some old notes, books, and even a diary (because I wasn’t cool enough to call it a journal) from high school. After cringing my way through many of these items I realized some pretty interesting things.

I am many things that I never thought I would be:

– An HR Professional (I mean…what the hell is HR?!)

– A version of my mother (said every daughter that has ever been born)

– A happy homebody living in an rural community (I was a suburbs kid)

– A person willingly passing on grains and eating things like kale, chia seeds, and sunbutter by choice (As a kid my favourite meal was Campbell’s Tomato soup with a grilled cheese slice on heavily buttered white bread…and a Joe Louis for dessert)

– A coffee and chocolate snob

– Confident and willing to speak my mind

– Respected and recognized

– Willing to say no

– Strong

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Sometimes it’s so much better than you could have imagined.


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