Maturity is skin deep

One of the most amazing, and by amazing I actually mean sucky, things about being over 40 is that there is now very visible proof that I’m getting older.  My decision to let to grey grow and show was inspired partly by the fact that it can be fashionably accepted now and partly by the fact that I can’t possibly be bothered to have it dyed on  a regular basis.

And so as I come to terms with this new stage in my life it absolutely floors me that I still have to deal with the occasional spots.  I mean, WTF.

I am an adult (after all, I have the grey hair to prove it).  I graduated from high school and university.  I have been working for many, many years.  I’m married and have two kids.  Two kids who are also dealing with spots because they are freakin’ teenagers.  Yes, of all the things I didn’t expect to be sharing with my kids…acne cream wasn’t one of them.

So what’s up with that? At what point do all the pieces of your life (and body) come together in live in harmony.


And so it is that we are often faced (no pun intended) with those employees that basically exemplify my grey hair/spots dilemma.

At first glance they appear to be mature adults – they certainly look the part.  They are advanced stages of their life, have countless years of experience behind them, and are fully responsibly for large groups of similar adults. And yet – there are spots.

There are those occasional  breakouts which demonstrate that no matter how mature and experienced some may be – you better keep a tube of acne cream handy.


2 thoughts on “Maturity is skin deep

  1. @cavegirlmba – So happy your read the post and commented…I agree that there may be an increased chance of initial respect, but this won’t last if you can’t maintain it. And by maintain it, I mean keep your shit together.

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