Live and die by the calendar

It’s not really an exaggeration to say that Canadians are a little obsessed with the weather.  We are.  It’s just who we are.

This is particularly true in my part of Canada where we have four distinct seasons:

  • Impatient for Summer
  • Summer
  • Mourning the loss of Summer
  • Winter

The truth is our “true” summer is only really about 8 weeks long.  And that’s in a good year.

Weather doesn’t really follow a calendar….snow in May? Oh yes. Heat waves in March? We’ve had that too, so it boggles my mind that people who live here will actually dress and plan activities according to a date on the calendar and not what’s actually going on outside.

This morning on my morning commute it was 5C and windy and yet the amount of people wearing sandals, flip flops, or bare legs was incredible.  And why?  Because the calendar says it’s May 5th and it should be nice out.

Well, yes…but it’s still cold out.  It really is. You shouldn’t ignore the obvious (it’s cold) because of a date on a piece of paper.

It’s also that time of year for performance reviews, which means that because of a date on a calendar (along with pleas…I mean reminders, from HR) managers are dusting off performance evaluation forms and getting ready to meet with their employees.

Again, they are reacting to an established date on a calendar rather than an actual need.

Could it be that it would have been more appropriate to have met a month ago when things were heating up? Or maybe three months ago when they were cooling off?

Maybe, but according to the calendar it wasn’t time yet and so you waited and now that it’s “officially” time you are left standing there in 5C weather with your flip flops on wondering why it doesn’t feel right.

Oh, and for the record, you look pretty foolish too.


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