The value of outsourcing (RT #37)

I’m a bit of a DIY kind of person and like to try my hand at making things from scratch, so imagine my delight when I found a relatively easy recipe for making homemade almond milk – my latest obsession.  Seriously – soak almonds for 24 hours, blend with water and a few other additions, squeeze the crap out of it, and voila! Homemade almond milk.

At this point I should point out that while my husband supports my eating lifestyle he did have to ask whether it was worth the trouble?  He started to point out the cost of the almonds, not to mention the time and effort involved…and “pfff”, said I.  Did I mention it would be homemade? Can you put a price on that?

So fast forward to Sunday morning…oh about 10 minutes after I have blended my almonds, and a full 24 hours after having soaked them….I am standing in my kitchen with almond milk and pulp in my hair, all over my clothes, splattered all over the walls, spilling from the counter top into a wonderful pool on the floor.

You see, in my excitement to jump from the blending to the wringing out stage, I took the lid off the blender and then reached over to unplug it…accidentally pushing my elbow into the buttons which brought my blender back to life and basically repainted my kitchen (and myself) with the stuff.

I know.

NOW the cost of my homemade milk was well beyond the price of the almonds, the filtered water, and my efforts…I now had to add the cost of the rolls of paper towels to clean the mess, the cost of running the laundry to clean my clothing, the cost of the hot water for my second shower that day, the amount of time it took to clean almond mill/pulp off of my walls (hint: 2 days later and I’m still wiping), and the sheer aggravation of now only having a fraction of what I thought I would have of my wonderful elixir.

So ask me if homemade almond milk is worth it?

Of course it is, but I was reminded that if you don’t take the time to prepare and do it right it can go so very wrong.

There’s a temptation to assume that if something is being done by others, then it must be something that you can do too.  Well, of course you can, but will you do it right or will you make an absolute mess of it.

A wise person will learn when to put the blender away and go to the store.





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