When 17 isn’t 17

Ruby Tuesday #33










It’s the middle of January and I wake up to a house that, according to the thermostat, is 17 degrees Celsius.

It’s frickin cold…I’m huddled in bed under blankets and when I finally emerge, I’m wearing layers of pjs, fleece jacket, and socks.  I dream of the time of year when I can jump out of bed and saunter around comfortably – throw on light clothing and proceed with my day.

Truthfully, it’s knowing what’s out there waiting for me…the even colder temperatures (like -30C ), the snow, the layers upon layers of clothing, the energy-draining lack of sunshine that make that initial 17 degrees unbearable.


It’s now almost the middle of June and I woke up this morning to a house that was 17 degrees Celsius.

And yet, it’s no longer cold.  In fact, I saunter (okay, stumble)  downstairs to start my day and leave the house wearing lighter clothing.

Knowing that today is expected to get increasingly warmer (like 30C), with the likelihood of a sunny afternoon, the promise of more daylight and a chance to enjoy the gardens after work that makes that initial 17 degrees completely bearable.

Often times it’s not where you start that matters, but the direction you are heading that make all the difference.





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