My life is no box of chocolates. It’s a book.

Ruby Tuesday # 31

My life is no box of chocolates.

It’s a book.

And like many books, there are parts that are better than others and there are whole chapters that you read and think…I do not remember a single thing I just read.

Right now, I’m living one of those chapters. Oh sure, on a day to day basis I can recall what’s going on, but I swear it’s forgotten by the time I wake up the next day.

Would I call it b

oring? No – there’s too much going on for it to be considered boring, but it sure isn’t going to be that memorable scene that makes it to the PowerPoint presentation that will flicker by my eyes on that eventual day.

There are times in my time in my life when I was excited about what was going on and people seem genuinely interested in what I was up to.

These days I wouldn’t notice if other people’s eyes were glazing over because my have already gone out of focus.

Not exactly a great state to be in, but it’s making me think more about what I want my story to be…it doesn’t have to be all saucy and suspense, but something that makes you want to keep turning those pages would be cool.


2 thoughts on “My life is no box of chocolates. It’s a book.

    • Bernadine – Thank you – very well put. I am always happy when you stop by because I believe that you understand what I’m trying to say even when I feel like I’m failing miserably and getting the right words out there.


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