Happy Halloween

I don’t usually post things about sentimental holidays like Halloween, but I just had to.

It’s always been a blast in our household – although this year seems to be the exception. It’s the first year where we have not decorated and have pretty much been oblivious to it.

How sad.

We have a ton of excuses: we are busy, we are working, we are doing renovations, the kids are too old, we don’t get any kids visiting the house.  Yes, we have a ton of lame excuses.

What we forgot was that we did “Halloween-ie” stuff for us, not because it was expected.  We loved the planning, the cheezy decorations, the bowls filled with candy that we ended up eating.

Somehow we forgot that.  And now, anything we do is just pitiful and half-assed.

I get that some of these annual rituals may seem outdated and overdone…maybe you think you should dtop because you’ve been doing them for too long and that they really don’t add value.  However, before you make that call – try to remember why you were doing them in the first place.  And if the reason is anything along the lines of “because it’s fun”…well, then maybe it’s not time to let it go.



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