Attention. Attention please.

It goes without saying that if I’m aiming to write an HR blog, then I should be the one giving advice, telling people how it is, and griping about the reality of things.

Oh and where’s my seat at the table?

And how about them engagement scores.

To clarify, this isn’t a formal HR blog (fortunately for me), it’s a blog that frequently refers to HR-related things.  This variation allows me a ridiculous amount of freedom in saying stuff like…I think management has it backwards, it’s not the employees that have an over-developed sense of entitlement, it’s themselves.  Really – you pay people to work.  You don’t own them.  You are not entitled to every ounce of time and attention that they possess.

It makes me think of the scene in The Social Network where Mark Zuckerburg zones out and is called on it by being asked, “Do I have your full attention?” and his rebuttal includes this gem “…you have part of my attention, you have the minimum amount…the rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook…”

You have to understand that a some time or another that’s how most of us feel.  Some week’s it might be more than less.  Sometimes that’s how we feel at work.  Sometimes it’s how we feel at home.

Picture this : You are sitting in yet another meeting and your mind is back in your work space thinking about the 150 emails and requests that are coming in, how you need to get the day-to-day done, what glorious objectives we are going to set for yourself this year, and well, whether there will be a next year.

Meantime, you catch yourself zoning out and realize that when you re-join the meeting 15 minutes later, nothing has happened.  So then you zone out again, but this time you are thinking about what you are going to make for dinner, how you are going to be in two places at once at 6:30 pm, and whether or not your teen is just going through a “phase” or whether it’s something more serious.

You are then snapped back to reality when someone asks you a question and you don’t know what it was – so you ask them to repeat it.

Do you have an opinion on the project?

Yes, you have concerns about a few of the keys functions that will not meet your requirements – sure they look good and might do part of the job, but it won’t necessarily be more efficient – it will be the same, in a fancier box….

(Blank looks, blinking eyes)

Okay – Alright then. So it’s go then.


And THAT is why employees check out.  That is why their focus is easily diverted to other areas and concerns that have seemingly more meaning and impact in our lives.

Presuming that you deserve your employee’s complete and full attention at all times is unrealistic at best.  Particularly if the attention that is given is disregarded.

Happy Monday.







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