I have a question…

Okay it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing for you.

Well that not entirely true – I have a question for you.

If you had to conduct an interview, with absolutely no time to prepare and were allowed to ask only 3 questions, which questions would you ask?

What are your go-to questions that will tell you what you need to know about a candidate?

I’m curious.

Hoping to hear from you in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “I have a question…

  1. I think they’d be:
    “Tell me what skills and knowledge you would bring to this role”
    “Tell me what excites or interests you in work”
    “How do you build up effective working relationships with other people”

    But I’m sure others will come up with something better!

  2. Here are my three go to questions:

    1) What strengths would you bring to this role?
    2) What thing do you look for in a company culture?
    3) What’s your favorite rock band ??

    Okay, the third one happens only if I can sway people to music, but I think it should be a tell tale sign for all candidates !!

  3. Thanks Steve – I think your last one is telling, especially if you can only ask 3 questions..it could be a deal-breaker, right? I mean when we are looking at potential organizational fit you just don’t want to mix a Belieber with the Crüe.

  4. 1. Why do you want this role?
    2. What value are you going to bring to this organisation?
    3. If you take this role and it isn’t going well after six months, why might that be?

    • Thanks for weighing in – I do like you #3…I think those kind of questions have to potential to reveal something if the person but also make the candidate seriously consider what works for them. After all. It’s their decision too.

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