Negative energy is still energy

You know how there are people out there who are really judge-y and quick to comment when things are going crappy.

Well, it turns out I am one of them.

It’s true.  How sad.

The reality is that my posts were fuelled by all the things going wrong that I saw in the workplace and my personal gripes with all the BS that was floating around.  Based on this, I never had trouble finding material to write about.

However, it turns out that my most recent job move, rather than providing me with a whole new basket of rotten apples to talk about, well…have left me little to nothing to hone in on.

Honestly, I actually found myself internally grumbling about the fact that I didn’t really have anything to externally grumble about.  Work with me people.  Or wait, better yet – stop frickin’ working with me.  Stop being team players and collaborating.  Stop making me feel good about my choices and challenging me. Stop giving me opportunities to learn and most of all, stop with the bloody feedback.

The feedback.

It’s really messing with my mind.  I’m at the point of thinking I know what I am doing that you might actually value my input.  Worse yet, I actually let myself feel appreciated.

This has to stop.  It’s ridiculous.  My blog is suffering for it.

But wait…I guess I do have something to bitch about.

Balance has been restored in the Matrix.  I feel the energy flowing again (but it might be the wine).