What the world needs more of: constant reminders and a POP of colour!

Do you know what phrase irritates the hell out of me? ” POP of colour”.  As in, “Hey, do you know what this room needs? A POP of colour!”

Not just a dash, splash or a bit…but a POP of colour!  And yes, the uppercase letters and exclamation marks are mandatory because you have to say it like you’re reading a comic book out loud. (KAPOW!)

Another thing people say that is almost as irritating: “everyone can be replaced”.

I am not disputing the fact that you can replace people in the physical sense.  Ask anyone involved in recruitment…they can have a body in the chair by the end of the week.

I take exception to the fact that some organizations, and by default many managers, feel that this is something worth reminding their employees or openly operating under that premise.  I have heard (and been told) that it’s wise not to get too comfortable in your job because after all… everyone can be replaced.

Well now, that is motivating.  Nothing like knowing that my status is on par with the toner cartridge in the copier.

It’s true, items can be replaced.  Equally true, people can be replaced.    But the impact of telling an office chair that there’s a good chance that it might not be there  next fiscal is probably a lot easier than telling the same to the person sitting in it.

You do not need to stop replacing people when it’s necessary.

What you need to do is stop looking at your employees as though they have dotted lines around their profiles.  You need to stop referring to them only as FTEs, PYs, Boxes, or Seats rather than employees or people.

I realize that in putting this out there, I might ruffle the feathers of a few budget-loving spreadsheet huggers out there who are rolling their eyes about all this  people-loving bullshit.

I’m okay with it if you don’t like it. After all, even you can be replaced.


5 thoughts on “What the world needs more of: constant reminders and a POP of colour!

  1. Having heard this tripe for too long I agree: it’s like saying “water is wet.” We all know this thank you. Great write Julie.

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