Sustainable and renewable blog posts

Recycling is not only an encouraged, but expected practice these days.

For that reason, I would like to re-use, renew and recycle a blog post that I wrote awhile back.

Often times we focus on those people that provide us with support at work or complain about those that make our lives difficult. I’m no exception – I’ve been happy to dish on both accounts, but today I wanted to mention someone who has not only supported me in my work, but in pretty much every facet of my life.

Today is my wedding anniversary and I can honestly say, without any pretense of sucking up, that marrying my husband was the best decision I have ever made. Truthfully it started well before we got married, but that was the official start line, I suppose.
That was the starting point for all that we have now – our home, our kids, and our future.
He has been with me through my late teenage years, young adulthood, and now approaching (ahem) mid-life. He has seen me and stuck by me through all my phases, moods, highs and lows. He has been my biggest supporter and sometimes my harshest critic. And I his.
I have often been asked how could I have possibly known at twenty-two (or even seventeen for that matter) that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That’s tough to answer because it was one of the few things in my life that I didn’t over-analyze so I didn’t have rationale beyond that I just knew. 
I did try to explain it once by saying that I was sure about him because we had gone a number of road trips and when that inevitable silence fell, we were both comfortable and content with just driving. There was no need to force a conversation, to entertain the other person, or worry whether there was something wrong. We enjoyed each other’s company throughout the trip – not just when we got to our destination.
I realize that this sounds counterintuitive coming from someone whose job it is to discourage people from relying solely on their gut. Someone who encourages analysis, supporting documentation, and asking questions. 
Thankfully I don’t always live my life the way I work. 
So now, 22 years later, how can I say that this is still the person that I was to spend the rest of my life with…I still don’t have an eloquent answer, but I can say that I still just know and we are still enjoying the road trip, whatever the destination. 
 Happy anniversary. 



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