To Do List…version 2

I am a To Do List kind of person.  Not only do they help me get a sense of what I need to do, but they also act as a visual reminder of how much I am procrastinating, as well as how I continually over-estimate what I am capable of doing in a reasonable amount of time.

In fact, I have been known to add items to a list after doing these things, just so that I can have a false sense of accomplishment.

Indulge me as I unfold a heavily crinkled piece of paper from 2015 and update it…


Things that I need to do:

  1. Write on my blog
  2. Read other people’s blogs
  3. Catch up on Twitter
  4. Tweet
  5. Accept that I have moved on from my last job position
  6. Embrace my new job position
  7. Re-prioritize this list.

Okay, let’s start again…

  1. Read other people’s blogs so that I will be inspired to…
  2. Write on my own blog
  3. Then tweet about writing on my own blog
  4. Catch up on Twitter
  5. Embrace my new job position
  6. Emerge from the shell-shock state induced by my last job Build on what I learned in my last position
  7. Question my priorities again

One more time…

  1. Read other people’s blog to inspire and motivate me
  2. Actually take the time to comment on these blogs
  3. Don’t bother catching up on Twitter…you can’t…it’s over..move on
  4. Tweet something irreverent or edible
  5. Embrace my new job position and the new team I get to work with
  6. Do not look back (“…it distracts from the now”)
  7. Write about my priorities on my blog

That’s it…that’s still the one.


(A great big thank you to Michael Carty for giving that last bit of inspiration I needed to dust off the blog.  I happen to embrace his message and can honestly that for the most part, I always assumed no one was reading!)