Sober thoughts

I love Ernest Hemingway`s recommendation to : write drunk, edit sober.

However, after numerous false starts and some really questionable (and possibly litigious) blog drafts, I came to realize that this advice was better applied figuratively and not literally.  I then committed to myself that I would write when the feeling hit and edit in a more reflective mood.

Obviously, I have not been very good at taking either Hemingway`s or my own advice, which has resulted in a number wasted moments.

Last week I attended a conference put on by my employer for our management community.  As far as conferences go, it was actually pretty good – I had an opportunity to meet with many people whom I had not yet met, was challenged with the case studies we went over and was inspired by what we are trying to achieve.

In spite of the fact that the agenda was not put together with the faintest consideration that there may be introverts attending , I made it through with no major issues. (Seriously, if I only have 1 hour of free time in a 24-hour period, I do not want to go for a team run…what is wrong with you people?!)

Truth be told, I drank the kool-aid.  The whole damn glass of it.

And really, that was the moment that I should have written this blog.  It would have brillant, it would have been insightful, it would have had amazing analogies between what I had learned and some Pixar movie.

But alas, I waited.

Days have gone by and I returned to work.   I am still feeling the after-effects of both the conference and the kool-aid, but the buzz that I had that would have helped me to craft a spot-on blog post have dissipated.  The result is that now this reflection is more of a sober second thought on what I heard, from both the presenters and my fellow participants.

The harsh reality that things have quickly slid back to where they were. And the fear that maybe my memory has distorted what really happened and that I imagined the hope and energy that was generated.

I do recall being asked to identify three things that I would do when I return to the office to improve myself as a manager.  Not being the kind of person to rush into commitments, I deferred making this list.

I am thinking that maybe #1 should be carrying a flask of kool-aid.











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