Dealing with the laundry in your head

I used to write because I liked trying to sort out what I was thinking – I have always been much more successful at expressing myself in writing than in speaking.  As someone who needs to reflect a bit, digest and then make sure I`m clear – writing is the perfect format.  There`s an opportunity to sit back and see what you have “said“, backspace, delete, edit, copy/paste, and add in missing words.  Then I can re-read and make sure before I hit send or post.

Of course, this process is more about “big thoughts“, persuasive arguments or explanations.  When it comes to one-liners and smart-ass comments…I don`t seem to have any issue in just saying it or hitting send without a second thought. It`s the reason why it might take me days to write a post, but 2 seconds to respond to a comment.

I know.  I gave up trying to figure out, so don`t bother.

So, back to writing.  A quick glance through the archives of this blog will reveal that I spend absolutely no time on researching (other than looking for the perfect image to capture my point).  Any attempts in this area will not doubt result in a badly written assignment paper from school.  There are far better writers out there who I leave that level of writing.  I rely on them to challenge my thinking and steer me in new directions.

I write about what`s in my head, which on a good day is a solid mix of HR-related shenanigans, personal reflection, and tales of raising teenagers.  Some have suggested a dash of philosophy, but I think that`s a stretch.

Without those sources of inspiration, I really don`t have much to say.  Or at least I don`t feel as though I do.  And when those sources become off-limits, by choice, then I`m really at a loss.

My husband recently asked me why I don`t blog anymore.  A few months back I would have said, I don`t know.  But now I do.  I told him what I have shared here – I write what`s in my head, but that means having to sort through the laundry in my head, which I haven`t wanted to do.  And no, I was under no illusion that if I ignored things that they would go away; I just didn`t want to deal with it….dealing is messy, and unpleasant, and unpredictable.

Classic avoidance.

But, you know what happens when you ignore the piles of laundry.  They start to take over the room and you run out things to wear.  So I have found myself with figuratively nothing to wear, or better said, no more excuses for not dealing with my shit.  I just need to start tackling this one pile at a time.

So I expect that as I go through this mental exercise, I will likely find some interesting things to share…or maybe some loose change, my lip balm that went missing, and that elusive black sock that has left its mate a widow.

I know all of this is absolutely fascinating reading and in no way, shape or form related to HR.  So I apologize to anyone who thought I was either going to talk about my “dirty laundry“ or cleverly relate it to something in HR.

Oh sure, I could relate it to how managers avoid dealing with their employee behavioural issues, because the work is getting done and well…dealing is messy, and unpleasant, and unpredictable.

But I`m not going there today.

I have some laundry to do first and well.