I work in HR, I read for fun, I blog because I can, and I appreciate the finer things in life (red wine, dark chocolate, comic book heroes, & zombie movies).

I do have an employer and they are great, but this blog is based on my own thoughts and reflections about HR and the world around me.

That being said – I AM in HR and know that it would be incredibly naive of me to assume social technology immunity based on that lame disclaimer, so I intend to play nice.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Afternoon Julie,

    I am really enjoying your blog and how your approach the ‘sensitive’ HR situations are so direct. I really enjoyed a few of your latest articles and could really relate to them. Having experience as an admin/HR/Finance/Office Assistant, I might of let out a little “Hallelujah” after reading the ‘So You Want To Be An Administrative Assistant?’ post, and your latest blog on reviews sparked up some emotions, I have often left a review unsure were I stand and just wish for constructive, honest feedback.

    But I am babbling on a bit to much now… I am working with brands including Thomson’s to expand their online presence. Thomsons are industry leaders in HR resources, flexible benefits and employee benefits, so I was hoping we could work really well on a collaboration.

    The content would of course be unique to your blog 🙂

    Is this something that would interest you? I’d really enjoy working with you.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


    • Phoebe

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment – I really appreicate it and glad to know that my posts are resonating with you.


    • You are giving me WAY too much credit – I would love to give you a deep and meaningful reasoning behind the choice in the title, but the reality it reflects my general feeling of “how the hell did I get here” that I have about working in HR>

      Thanks for checking out the blog.

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