Every day is performance review day


When I was a kid I remember asking my parents why, if there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, was there no Kid’s Day.  I’m sure you can all predict what there answer was…because it’s the same thing I said to my kids when they asked the same question: EVERY DAY is Kid’s Day.

I’m sure that answer was unsatisfying and ridiculous to my kids as it was to me.  I mean, what does that mean?!  Every day is kids’ day..whatever.

But I can see the wisdom in this answer because since then I’ve basically applied it to other areas – like Performance Reviews.  No wait, don’t bail on me now…keep reading.  I know that performance reviews  are pointless wastoids of our time. Sure they are unreliable, prescriptive and limiting.  I get it that they are insincere, guilt-inducing and just pieces of paper.

But think about why this is. Maybe it’s because they are only done once a year.

Kind of like that card you whipped up on lined writing paper using pencil crayons for your mom the night before Mother’s Day because you realized that,despite the fact that you didn’t want to buy into the commercialism of Mother’s Day brought to you by Hallmark, you couldn’t ignore it.  Guilt wins out and you go through the motions.

But what if you eschewed the one day “celebration” and made it a weekly habit? You know, called your mom, stopped rolling your eyes, and hung out with her.  Then maybe you wouldn’t feel obligated to compensate for a year’s worth of negligent behaviour on one defined day.

So it goes with performance reviews.  I mean, who told you that you could only do it on one day, the deadline for submitting review reports?  No one.  I dare you to find me an HR team or organization that has actually advised you to only review your employee once a year.  I double-dare you.

So stop bitching about the “process” and time-consuming “paperwork” that you have to fill out and commit to give feedback on performance all the time.

After all, EVERY DAY should be performance review day.



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